National Chapter Leadership 

National Executive Committee 2023-2024

President Ms. Glenda Scheiner, CDFM/CDFM-A, DFMCP3, National Board Presdient. Air Froce
Vice President Ms. Kim Laurance, CDFM, MBA Defense-wide Activities
Vice President Mr. Michael Mehrman Army
Vice President Mr. Paul Landauer, MBA Navy
Vice President Mr. Leslie Ferguson Marine Corps
Vice President Ms. Tina Pierce, CPA, MBA Air Force & Space Force
Vice President Mr. Mats Persson, MBA DFAS
Vice President Ms. Jane Kiggins United States Coast Guard
Corporate Representative  . Mr. Michael Stough Dept. of Homeland Secuity
Treasurer Ms. Nancy A. Phillips KPMG
General Counsel Mr. Terry L. Elling Holland & Knight LLP
Secretary Ms. DeAnna Randolph, DFMCP3, Department of Defense
Corporate  Representative Ms. Ginger Bonin KPMGd
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Rich Brady, CDFM,A CGFM, Chief Execuitve Office

Committee Chairperson/Members:

Awards Committee

Ms. Donna M. CallCDFM, Chairperson

  • Mark Call
  • Ron Lloyd
  • Sam Grable
  • Laura Sandy
  • Jennifer Sizemore

Armed Forces Comptroller Editorial Board

Ms. Terry Placek, Editorial Board Chair

  • LtCol Michelle M. Libbey (Air Force)
  • Irma Finocchiaro, CDFM (DCP – Syracuse University)
  • COL Barbara Gilchrist, CDFM-A (Air Force, Retired)
  • Carol J Lawson (DFAS)
  • Mike Monson (Corporate)
  • Dick Reed (Retired)
  • Dr. Dennis Davis (Army)
  • CAPT Erich F. Klein (Coast Guard)
  • COL Dwayne A. “Paco” LaHaye (Air Force)
  • Lisa St. Andre (Navy)


Corporate Advisory Group

Ms.  Ginger Bonin, Chairperson 


Ms. Pat Lynch, Vice Chairperson


Professional Development Committee

Ms. Glenda nda Scheiner, Chairperson

Mr. Derald Emory, Coordinator