2018-2019 Elected Board Members

President: Elena Baykal

Elena Baykal joined ASMC in the fall of 2011, and she enjoys being active with the Chapter. Elena has a Master of Accountancy from Cleveland State University.  She previously worked for a CPA firm and joined DFAS in the summer of 2009.  She has had the opportunity to work in several different areas of DFAS and has learned a lot about culture and the daily business of DFAS.  Currently, Elena works in Systems Operations, where she enjoys bringing to life innovative ideas and likes to meet new people on different projects. Outside of work, Elena enjoys traveling and eating tasty cuisines.

President-Elect: Lance Jones

Lance Jones began his Financial Management career in 2003 through his Active Duty enlistment in the United States Air Force.  After six years of military service he transitioned to civil service as a Customer Service Representative in Retired and Annuitant Pay, DFAS-CL in 2010. Lance served as an Accountant in the Accounts Maintenance and Control (AM&C), DFAS-CL from 2015-2017.  Lance currently is the Branch Chief for the ERP (GF) branch in AM&C, DFAS-CL.


Lance holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from American Public University System (Charles Town, WV) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting. 


Lance has been an active member of the ASMC Cleveland Chapter since joining in 2010. He has served as Co-Webmaster when the Cleveland Chapter established the website, Membership Committee, Co-Editor on the Newsletter


Committee, and VP of Programs.  Lance has been formally recognized for his outstanding service for many of the committee’s he has served with ASMC.


Aside from his career, Lance enjoys jogging, fishing, volunteering at his church, and spedning time with family and friends.  He also enjoys spending time hiking the trails of the Ohio Erie Canal Way.  Lance has been married to Shannon for 14 years and has two children.

Vice President of Membership: Lillian Powell

Lillian Powell is serving her second consecutive term as Vice President of Membership in the Cleveland Chapter. During her first-term as VP of Membership, she led eight membership committee members for 2017-2018 and the membership committee had an outstanding year. Lillian Powell is named 2018 ASMC National Recruiter of the Year in size Category A.  

Prior to being an officer, she served as a member on the membership committee for two years. Lillian has been an active member of American Society Military Comptroller (ASMC) since August 2015 and she looks forward to new opportunities to continue her involvement in the Cleveland Chapter.

Lillian earned her bachelor’s degree from Hiram College. She majored in Accounting & Financial Management and has a minor in Communication. Currently, she is pursuing a Certified Defense Financial Management (CDFM) Certification.

Lillian has volunteered to participate in ASMC community service, Alzheimer’s Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cleveland Federal Executive Board (FEB) Tutoring Program, and various community services throughout the Cleveland community. Serving the community gives Lillian a sense of purpose because she has a chance to give back and help others.  In her free time, Lillian enjoys gardening, photography, fishing, genealogy, sports, and spending time with her family and friends.

Vice President of Programs:  Paul Cotton

Paul Cotton  began his career with DFAS- Cleveland in March of 2014, when he began his career as a Customer Service Representative in the Customer Care Center. After leaving the Customer Care Center he went on to work as a Military Pay Technician in Retired and Annuity Pay. Paul is seven year U.S. Army Veteran, who finds it rewarding to serve military retirees from all branches of service and carrying out their wishes for their families. Shortly after joining DFAS, Paul became a member of ASMC, which has been instrumental to his personal growth and professional development. In the last 2 years he has served as a member of ASMC’s Programs and Luncheon sub-committees, and look forward to volunteering more of his time to take on greater responsibilities for the Chapter. Paul holds an Associate’s in Business Management from Draughons Junior College in Clarksville, Tennessee and Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.   

Vice President of Nominations: Jessica Ciccolini

Jessica Ciccolini

joined DFAS Cleveland in 2008 as an Accounting Technician in Accounts Payable.  After completing the LIM program, she served as a Contingency Planner within the Site Support Office, then as an audit liaison in Disbursing Operations.  She currently works as a management support specialist within the DFAS Cleveland Directors’ Office.

Jessica has been a member of ASMC since November of 2010.  She has served in a variety of capacities with the Cleveland Chapter, including Newsletter Committee member, Executive Assistant to the President, President-Elect, President, and Vice President of Nominations.

A graduate of Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, she has also earned the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM), Associate Business Continuity Planner (ABCP), and DoD Financial Management certifications.

Outside of the office, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and their families and friends.  Jessica and Michael recently expanded their family; their first child, Embry Rocco, was born in February 2018.  Once adjusted to her new role as a mother, she plans to partake in her previous hobbies, which include bicycling, hiking, reading, and spoiling her puppy, Sully. 


Treasurer: Kari Vescio

Kari Vescio is an Accountant in Audit Readiness, and became a member of the ASMC in December 2016.  Kari is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Franklin University.  She started her career with DFAS Cleveland in August 2009 then transferred to DFAS Rome in July 2010.  She then transferred back to DFAS Cleveland in July 2014 during this time she worked in Accounts payable the entire time up until April 2016 when she entered the Leaders in motion program.  Kari and her Husband Brad have been married for eight years and have two beautiful daughters, Gianna (6) and Alexis (2).  They have a dog named tucker (Yorkie) who is one years old, and the family enjoys taking him on walks and bike rides.  Kari strives herself on hard work, multi-tasking and completing all tasks assigned in a timely manner.  Kari is looking forward to her new role as Treasurer for ASMC because she wants to further develop her leadership skills and personal development as well as continue to network.  She takes pride in serving the customers and mission here at DFAS Cleveland, and is looking forward to a success chapter year

Secretary: Shana Rose

Shana Rose has been with DFAS since 2007, and currently works as a Supervisor in Departmental Reporting in Accounting Operations. In her role, she works with her team to assist Audit Readiness with TI-97 reconciliations, and the Navy with their Financial Statement Report Compilation efforts.  Shana has been a member of ASMC since 2008, has formerly served as the Treasurer, and is the current acting Secretary. She has her Masters of Business Administration from Cleveland State University with an emphasis in Accounting, and is also a Certified Defense Financial Manager. Outside of work she loves to volunteer at the Cleveland Food Bank, and the Cleveland Animal Protective League as a foster for cats, kittens, and special needs rabbits. She also stays active by playing volleyball several times a week. 

2018- 2019 Committee Members

Office Name
President Elena Baykal
President-Elect Lance Jones 
     Corporate Sponsorship Committee VACANT
     Community Service Committee Jessica Huff
     Community Service Committee Ryan Serne
     Community Service Committee Lynn Zielaskiewicz
     Community Service Committee Frankie Denmeade
     Project Management Committee John Giammo
     Military Liaison VACANT
     Military Liaison Dominique Bray
Past Presidents Advisory Board  
     Past President John Giammo
     Past President Bryan Conway
     Past President Lou Ockunzzi
     Past President Frankie Denmeade
     Past President Jessica Ciccolini
     Past President Jaclyn Donadio
     Past President Jason Denmeade
     Past President Jeff Hayden
VP Membership Lillian Powell 
     Membership Committee  Perlita Arnold
     Membership Committee  Seung (Jay) Choi
     Membership Committee  Sandra Morgan
     Membership Committee  Kannwanaemelinna Onwudinjo
     Membership Committee  Jane Mullins
     Membership Committee  Andrea Alford
VP Programs Paul Cotton
     Local PDI Committee  
     Local PDI Committee  
     Local PDI Committee David Rose
     Luncheon Committee Stan Foster
     Luncheon Committee Julie Pfaff
     Luncheon Committee VACANT
     Luncheon Committee VACANT
     Special Events Committee VACANT
     Special Events Committee Ashley Platko
     Marketing Committee VACANT
VP Nominations Jessica Ciccolini
     CDFM Committee Kira Swanson
     CDFM Committee Victoria Evans
     CDFM Committee VACANT
     Education/Scholarship Committee Julie Coghlan
     Education/Scholarship Committee Falana Banks
     Education/Scholarship Committee Jennifer Dunn
     Education/Scholarship Committee Kristen Miller
Treasurer Kari Vescio
     Treasurer Committee Whitney Joy
     Treasurer Committee Gerald Whitsett
     Treasurer Committee VACANT
Secretary Shana Rose
    Secretary Committee VACANT
    Newsletter Editor Daniel Goliat
          Newsletter Committee VACANT
     Webmaster Committee VACANT