Module 4: Acquisition

ASMC is pleased to announce that an optional fourth module of the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) exam is available. This optional module deals with the rules governing acquisition of major Defense systems. Candidates enrolled in the CDFM Program must pass Modules 1,2, and 3 to become a CDFM, and those who elect to take and then pass the optional fourth module examination will earning the designation of “CDFM with Acquisition Specialty” (CDFM-A).


Why become a CDFM-A? We believe CDFMs should take the fourth module because:

  • It provides objective evidence of knowledge of Defense acquisition rules and regulations, which is highly useful for financial managers assuming acquisition jobs
  • It demonstrates depth of knowledge aids in winning promotions and jobs
  • It offers personal satisfaction by demonstrating knowledge of key information that is important in financial management

Send your completed Registration Forms or questions to or fax them to 636-936-1677.


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Goals, Strategy and Decision Support (11%)

  • DoD Decision Support Systems
  • Goals and Strategy

Systems Engineering (15%)

  • Overview and Relationship to Defense Acquisition
  • Systems Engineering Processes
  • Systems Engineering — The Systems Life Cycle Process
  • Important Design Considerations
  • Systems Engineering Tools, Techniques and Resources

Resource Management (10%)

  • Affordability
  • Acquisition Systems Cost
  • Analysis of Alternatives (AOA)
  • Cost Analysis

Life Cycle Sustainment (8%)

  • Total Life Cycle Sustainment Overview
  • Performance Based Life- Cycle Support

Human Systems Integration (5%)

  • Domains of Human Systems Integration
  • Human Factors Engineering and Integration

Acquiring Information Technology and National Security Systems (7%)

  • Net- Centricity and the Global Information Grid (GIG)
  • Important Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Technology Protection (5%)

  • Technology Protection- Planning and Support
  • Putting Technology Protection in Place

Test and Evaluation (9%)

  • Types and Phases of Test and Evaluation
  • T&E Planning and Management Oversight

Decisions, Assessments and Reports (11%)

  • Decision Points
  • Executive Reviews
  • Integrated Product Team (IPTs), Exit Criteria and Independent Assessments
  • Periodic Reports

Special Management Activities (19%)

  • Joint Programs
  • International Cooperation
  • Earned Value Management
  • Contract Management Reporting
  • Acquisition of Services


How to prepare for this exam:

ASMC has a 2-day course to help you prepare for the Module 4 exam. This course is taught by highly-trained professionals working or teaching in the Acquisition field. You may sign up for openings in any of the courses listed. However, if your command or base/installation would like to arrange for a special local presentation of the course please contact Phara Rodrigue by email at You may also study on your own using the addendum to the CDFM textbook that is now available.


Enrollment and taking the exam:

You must contact ASMC to extend your eligibility for the Module 4 examination. All you need to do is send an email with the title “ACQUISITION ENROLLMENT” to and include your name and certificate number. Once your enrollment is reactivated you will be notified via email and you can take the Module 4 exam at any authorized testing site for the current exam fee of $99 per examination. If you pass and receive a letter of confirmation, you are eligible to refer to yourself as a “CDFM with Acquisition Specialty.” Exercising your option to take the Module 4 exam will not jeopardize your status as a CDFM. Those who pass and want a revised certificate indicating their new specialty will be required to pay a fee of $40 to cover the costs of the new certificate. If you pass Module 4 and want a new certificate, send an email titled “NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST” to and include your name (as you wish it to appear on the certificate), full mailing address and credit card information. Individuals currently enrolled and taking the other 3 CDFM exams, and future enrollees, will automatically be eligible to take this optional fourth module examination. For the moment there is no change in the enrollment fee. However, if an individual wishes to take the fourth module he or she must let us know so that we may authorize the module for your purchase and also hold your CDFM certificate until all four module exams have been passed.


If you have questions, send an email titled “QUESTION” to